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May. 14th, 2007

A Provocative Looking Ann Coulter

Judging from this picture here, it looks as though she's posing for either Playboy or Penthouse, doesn't it?

Conservatives can be such hypocrites, can they?

Apr. 9th, 2007

Is Al Jazeera REALLY Osama Bin Laden's Biggest Mouthpiece?

While watching the recent on  documentary as they followed up on the recent  with one on  called STORIES FROM A SMALL PLANET, there was a segment that caught my attention.

It was about  and why cable and satellite companies haven't bothered to consider adding it yet.  Turns out some Conservative so-called "Watchdog" group known as that purportedly thinks it knows what is in MY best interests (Hey, why not let ME decide that, eh?) went on a letter writing campaign insisting that Al Jazeera shouldn't be added to the lineup because it is a "mouthpiece" for the world most hated and most wanted man - Osama Bin Laden.

In fact, the very same group  even went so far as to blast the notion that Al Jazeera is somehow "infiltrating" our country.


Do you HONESTLY think and believe that simply because Al Jazeera is based out of a foreign country that they somehow DO NOT have THE SAME rights to a few things called FREEDOM OF ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH??? 


And just when you think you've heard it all, the very same aforementioned "WatchDog" group has "banished" several prominent western journalists into their little "Hall Of Shame" (Like the journalists even give a shit?).

Not only that, but the same aforementioned group has also  and has gone so far as to refer to Al Jazeera as "Terror Television".

Uhh NEWS FLASH (Or is that supposed to be News ALERT instead?) - Better look at channels such as  first.

Ohh wait.  How silly of me.  They're based in the good ol' US of A.  They're not Terror TV.  They couldn't possibly be a mouthpiece for such "unspeakable atrocities".

Funny, you'll watch it all the time on such shows as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and other violent shows on TV.  But when it comes to real life, forget it.

Anyhow...All this got me to thinking.  How many times has AMERICAN television shown Osama Bin Laden's face on TV?  How many times has the AMERICAN press plastered his picture all over the newspaper?  How many has TV, the printed press as well as radio merely uttered his name?

The answers to all three are simple - HUNDREDS OF TIMES.

To back up this claim, I went online and started poking around on the viral video websites  I started out on .  They yielded the best results that I saw.  Of those, I found the following videos to match the criteria that I was looking for....  

A win for Democrats is a win for Bin Laden? Umm...yeah. Says a lot right there, doesn't it?   Note this was also propaganda from as well?

And you know what the REALLY scary part is?  Take a look....

President Bush doesn't even concern himself with Osama Bin Laden.

Yet it's funny though.  Bush goes out of his way to tell us - the public that he will be found AND brought to justice for all the "crimes" he's committed, to put him on notice, to call him a murderer, to accuse him of masterminding 9/11 and anything and everything else they claim to have on him.  But when it comes to considering the possibility that Bin Laden might be DEAD, he won't even hear of it.

I'm beginning to think that Bush is somehow letting himself be BRAINWASHED by members of his own administration who in all likelihood may have political agendas of their own (Carl Rove is a SHINING example of this).  In fact to be honest, one needn't look any further than VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY (Even though he's denied it).

Anyway, what does that have to do with Al Jazeera's English service not being added to cable & satellite services here in America and who the real Bin Laden "mouthpiece" is you say?  Probably not much depending on your point of view.  But getting back to my point, using the same three questions above, I also did searches on  and  and found pages here (Yahoo! News), here (Google News - Since 2001) and here (Google News - Before 2001).  Note the number of times AMERICAN news outlets have mentioned Osama Bin Laden in some fashion?  Absolutely STAGGERING isn't it?

Yet WHO are the ones crying bias in the media?  It has always been the REPUBLICANS.

So I ask you ladies & gentlemen, just WHO IS Osama Bin Laden's biggest mouthpiece?  Al Jazeera or the AMERICAN press and media?

Think about it as that is Today's REAL DEAL.

Mar. 29th, 2007

Video Email To President Bush #1 - If He Vetos Bills Providing Funding To Our Troops, HOLD HIM ACCOU

A video email to President Bush in the wake of his repeated threats to veto spending bills by the House & Senate that fund the troops on the condition they be withdrawn within a certain time limit.

Jan. 19th, 2007

The Ignorance & UNGODLINESS Of Ann Coulter

Isn't it amazing how far extreme Right Wing Republicans like Ann Coulter will go to show their ignorance?

Here she is on Hannity & Colmes when under attack not only by host Alan Colmes and Democratic Strategist Laura Schwartz, but also Sean Hannity as well.

If it weren't for her maintaining her composure throughout the whole thing, I'd say it was almost laughable. But seriously though, she's got some MAJOR issues. The least of which are portrayed in this video I found just last night while surfing around on YouTube, which is (If you haven't figured out already) where almost all of the videos on this blog are from....

Isn't it amazing how Ann Coulter can stuff her head up her ass, sit in the sand on the beach somewhere as she tell herself (And tries to convince others) how life is "normal", there is nothing out of the ordinary and any claims to the contrary are simply a figment of the imagination.

Why? Simple. Because she's living in her own little fantasy world and...Well....Has her head shoved up her ass, which, in turn has her head buried in the sand. As such, she can't really can't (Or should I simply doesn't want to?) see anything EXCEPT her little fantasy world.

Now this dude gets it right as he tells it like it REALLY is....

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is today's Real Deal.

For more videos, click here


Look at where and what they got us....

In Iran (Beginning in the 1950s)....

And now in Iraq today.....

Hardly news I know, but these videos are just two classic examples of how far the CIA is willing to go to LIE to get what it wants - no matter where they are.

More such videos can be found here

Have fun watching.

Jan. 15th, 2007

Iraq War - NO MORE TROOPS....

Sen Bob Kerry couldn't have said it any better....

Back in October I talked with former senator and decorated veteran Bob Kerrey about the possibility of an increase in troop deployment. Sure enough, Bush is now calling for that escalation, despite massive political opposition and a lack of support among military leaders.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation with Bob Kerrey. I especially appreciate his comments regarding the draft.

Thanks for tuning in!


DISCLAIMER: The interviewer in this video is NOT me. I do not own the domain name above. I only reporduce the content utilizing the SHARE option.

Students At Overland High School Walk Out Over Controversy Surrounding Geography Teacher

I don't know how I could've missed THIS one....

Courtesy of nsbradfield via YouTube.com

Republicans...No comment from the Peanut Gallery.

Bye Bye Rummy....

.....Bye bye!

Presidential News Conference On Rumsfeld Ouster

Take this for what you think it's worth peoples.....

Pundits & Analysts PREDICTED Rummy Would Get Chicken and Cut & Run


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